A transparent coating for damaged brickwork and walls

Aqua-dry is a waterproof transparent coating which we use on brickwork and walls to help protect it from future damage and provide it with a water repellent barrier.

Aqua-dry is a single component silane-siloxane system which penetrates into exterior building surfaces and chemically bonds to produce a water repellent lining.

 Aqua-dry significantly reduces the absorption of water and water-borne contaminants whilst allowing the substrate to continue to breathe. Aqua-dry will leave most substrates unstained and has excellent resistance to UV light and weathering.

Universal clear coatings

A Colourless external, high pressure spray on water repellent.  For almost any exterior wall, so whether it is brick/stone/concrete/pebble dash or smooth render universal clear coat helps as a protective barrier to penetrating rain water but allows the wall to dry out and breathe.

Universal CLEAR COAT Helps keep water out of masonry and protects the walls by keeping them dry and warm. The special colourless formulation penetrates deeply into the masonry when high pressure sprayed, where it forms water-repellent barrier that still lets the walls breathe naturally.

        “Universal clear coating is unlike other brush on repellents,

           Because we high pressure spray directly into the bricks”  



    • Excellent durability

    • High-pressure spray injection allows full impregnation of brickwork given full protection

    •  lasting protection for natural stone and feature brickwork

    • Can be applied to pebble dash-render-brickwork-stucco and almost any exterior surface

    • Helps Protects from effects of adverse weather conditions and helps reduce wall damage.

    • Universal clear coat will leave most substrates unstained so it is ideal for brickwork

    • Helps saves you money in the long run reducing costly maintained


      We have the solution

  • This breathable exterior coating service could be just what your house needs.

  • Bricks are made to provide some form of weatherproofing for houses but over time the weather erodes this and the bricks start to let in water.

  •  This starts a knock on effect of deterioration. If left unchecked this causes untold damage to the house itself.

  • Blown brickwork

  • Cement pointing falling out


  • Frost damage

  • Loss of pebbles on old pebble-dash walls

For more information on our waterproofing products please give us a phone call or send us through an email and we will happily advise on the best solutions available for your property.